A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Play as a disembodied eyeball, called Terrance, who is forced by fate to complete a set of dangerous challenges involving bouncing off surfaces, breaking glass tubes, and dodging plasma projectiles, in order to feel content and satisfied with life.

Complete all zones in 'Terrific Time' to unlock a special feature. I doubt that you'll see this 'coming'.

The game is essentially an exercise in conveying mechanics through level design and use of colour, without any explicit instructions or inadvertent insulting of the player's intelligence. It took me about three months to create and I'm satisfied with how it's turned out. It's my first game, but sure to not be my last - I'd love to hear any feedback, thoughts, or just a friendly "hello", so please message me on Twitter @AidenBainsGames

Game created by Aiden Bains
Music composed by Jack Morgan

Additional Credits:

  • 'Carbon Block', 'Libel Suit' and 'Zero Hour' Fonts created by Raymond Larabie of Typodermic Fonts (with minor edits)
  • 'Broken Glass Brushes' Graphic created by PerpetualStudios
  • 'PowerDown' sound effect created by noirenex of freesound.org
  • 'glass25' sound effect created by Craxic of freesound.org
  • 'Glass Break' sound effect created by unfa of freesound.org

With many thanks to Callum Bains and Tom Hodson for play testing.


Download Windows Version (15 MB)
Download Mac Version (17 MB)
Download Linux Version (17 MB)